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Greetings, fisherman!

Finally you got out of the dusty city to fish. It’s a great idea, since you can relax. This place is full of rare fish.

You can start fishing right after the registration. A beautiful view will greet you. For a good reason this place is called “Thousand Lakes”. Lakes are located in the sectors, you can cast the line only once into the same lake.

You have only five throw-lines which you can use for the fishing, since this pastime is quite unpredictable. Some lakes are full of sheared trees and different roots, which you can grapple and tear tackles. So one throw-line is for one lake, cast the line - get the fish (or get nothing). So for the first time you can bypass only five lakes.

But sometimes the tackles of your predecessors, which they lost tangling in the reed, are washed ashore. So if you wait behind the lake, after some time you will have five throw-lines again, and you will be able to continue fishing. But you cannot bypass all lakes, so you shouldn’t cast the lines in every lake in a row. After a certain amount of tries you will be shown all fisheries, and you will start everything from the beginning in the different lake district.  

Have a nice fishing in the land of “Thousand Lakes”!

Busting Myths About Bitcoin

In the minds of the majority of ordinary people Bitcoin is strongly associated with the half-legal currency for the drug trade and financing terrorism. But why did it happen? Probably, this is because the retorted understanding of the ways of crypto-currency functioning and goals which it is used for. Let’s try to investigate this.

The majority has heard about Bitcoin in the negative light after the crash of MT Gox in 2015 – the crypto-currency exchange platform. As of August 2013, 47% of all transactions between Bitcoin and national currencies were carried out through Mt Gox, so the liquidation of the platform was painful for both crypto-currency rate and its reputation. However, such things happen with traditional currencies as well. During the last financial crisis, Lehman Brothers have bankrupted, but no one started to affirm that dollar is a speculation.

In addition, one more scandalous project sufficiently tarnished the reputation of Bitcoin. Silk Road – the anonymous online store, which existed in the domain base onion of the anonymous network Tor, 70% of its range consisted of the various narcotic drugs. The payment for the purchase was carried out in Bitcoins exactly. Annually, transactions on the sum around 15 million dollars were conducted through this site, until the FBI stopped its work in 2013. However, this is hardly anything if compared to the sums for the drug trade in the national currencies, so it is actually not a strong argument to accuse crypto-currency in drug indulgence.

Now, what concerns the accusation in the financing terrorism with digital money. In the report, published by Europol, there were no evidences that ISIS is connected with Bitcoin. And if one wants to find fault with someone, then the main financial causer of the Paris terrorist attacks were MasterCard credit cards. Terrorists also use many other, more regulated payment systems, but journalists constantly accuse crypto-currencies in the connections with Islamic fanatics, apparently, to increase their website traffic.

The easiest way to evaluate the level of Bitcoin danger is to draw the analogy with the Internet. Are all the things happening in the world network, legal or morally acceptable? No. But anyway the global network is used and even promoted on the state level.

So one should at least objectively analyze digital currency and find advantages in its positive sides, since Bitcoin is developing and won’t disappear at once.

The Principles of Blockchain Functioning

A mysterious technology, on the basis of which Bitcoin crypto-currency is built, can be used not only for financial operations. Blockchain adepts dream about the automation not only economics, but business in general, community services, regulatory organs and even the governmental functions.

The background of Bitcoin is the chain of transaction blocks (blockchain) – the unique database that stores information about absolutely all operations carried out with the crypto-currency from its very creation. Bitcoin can be compared with the account book, where the expenses and revenues of the organization are fixed. But the difference of the Bitcoin network from the book is that it is decentralized, i.e. it is not located on the server, which would control the amending of the database. Blockchain copy, that is active at the moment, is saved at the thousand nodes of the same priority, and new data can be added by anyone.

Such situation is totally impossible with banks and payment systems. If their databases gave access to the third party, it would become a goldmine for the frauds. Nothing would prevent them from stealing  money from users’ accounts or pay by money that doesn’t really exist. But the blockchain is not a typical database. It was actually created with the aim of using it in the situations when one should trust nobody. And this makes it particularly perspective.

The main feature of blockchain is its inalterability. If the information about the fulfilled operation got there, it will remain there forever, it is impossible to delete it or edit. The system is built in a way that even a minimal change requires incredible computing resources, having which one would better use for an honest mining.

People who work on creating new blocks and adding them to blockchain are called miners. These are people who apparently mine Bitcoin for free from the air. In reality, miners, using a specific equipment, fulfill the role of the clearance company. Generally, miners guarantee that a transaction has been carried out without any violations. Generating Bitcoin is a pleasant bonus to their main job.

Blockchain technologies have crossed the limits of financial world thanks to the Ethereum platform, which used the technology of distributed register to create smart-contracts – digital agreements, programmed on the independent check of the agreement conditions. If even one point isn’t fulfilled, the agreement is automatically cancelled.

But there are projects that use blockchain Bitcoin that is essentially different, than blockchain Ethereum, with the similar goal – for programming the same smart-contracts. It is about Rootstock platform, which promises the integration with its direct competitor.

The use of blockchain technology tempts by unbelievable perspectives and attracts investors with its potential. So in the nearest future one can wait for the splash of projects that use similar technologies.

A Bit of Mystery with Bitcoin Faucets

For the uninitiated the word “crypto-currency” looks very mysterious and sapient. Really, doesn’t the notion – digital currency, the emission and accounting of which are based on the asymmetric coding – sound like a curse? At one time the famous fantasy author Arthur Clark wrote that the highly developed technology would be hard to differ from magic. But if you dip a bit, everything becomes more comprehensive, still, the sense of participation in informational wonders remains.

When we receive more knowledge about the first digital currency Bitcoin and about the possibilities it opens, we want to get some amount of these coins in our account at once. A bit earlier, at the beginning of the digital money epoch, it was profitable to be engaged in crypto-currency mining – providing the powers of your computer for the needs of the Bitcoin calculating network. But since that time the difficulty of such mining has increased greatly and it is impossible to be engaged in this using your PC, even upgraded one.

The only way to get some free Bitcoins without serious financial expenses is visiting the pages with the so called faucets. On these websites, you can receive a certain amount of Satoshi (1 Satoshi = 0.00000001 BTC), fulfilling the simple actions before that. The only condition of these resources is the existence of the personal Bitcoin wallet (which is easy to create, if you have Google as an assistant).

The typical order of actions on such websites is the following: entered a page, logged in, typed the address of your Bitcoin wallet, waited several minutes, typed a captcha to prove you are human being, took the reward by clicking the button. Since the payments are not big on faucet websites (usually several thousands of Satoshi), they are first transacted to the micropayment service Faucetbox. Here they are collected, and after a day or several days you can take the whole sum.

The websites of this type are really numerous at the network and it won’t take long to find them via Google. For the totally lazy users, there exist the specific lists of faucets. They all receive earnings from ads, placed on their pages, especially for the number of clicks per thousand views, so if you want, you can thank the resource by clicking ads. As a matter of fact, if the website gets bigger income, it can offer more generous rewards for you. 

OpenBazaar Official Release

At last, after the long period of open testing, the release of the first online-version of the decentralized platform for electronic auctions OpenBazaar happened. The software is already available for download.

As early as April 2014 Darkmarket, a decentralized anonymous platform which frightened all conservators, passed a reorganization and received a new name. The consequence of those manipulations became resource OpenBazaar, which uses the principles of peer-to-peer connections. This allows to set a commercial activity without attracting third party.

According to the project leader Bryan Hoffman, OpenBazaar is a platform for the seamless agreements, which won’t be dependent from the imperfect centralized security system. The testing period of the improved service was launched at March, 2 and lasted one month. During this period the site approved for payment the so called test Bitcoins – testnet coins, that have no value and are aimed at helping developers find bugs without big financial losses.

As was mentioned earlier, before the official release a beta-testing was carried, during this one-month period the platform was downloaded 25 thousand times in 126 world countries. The first facts about buy and sell via the resource are already fixed.

Bryan Hoffman stated that for this very moment, every user with the access to global network will be able without any problems use OpenBazaar and Bitcoin for the exchanging goods and services. He added that he can’t wait when all people will get used of this possibility.

Sam Peterson, the co-founder of OpenBazaar, added that he waits from the platform trading that it will reflect the public opinion survey. Only a small part of people make ambiguous in means of morality or law purchases. Such cases generally should not be reflected in the resource, since they do not show the interests of the majority.